Why civic integration?

Flanders and Brussels are home to people coming from all corners of the world. The Government of Flanders thinks it is important that those new citizens can fully participate in society. Civic integration can help them to take up their role as citizen, parent, employee, entrepreneur, student, member of an association, …

Integrators talk about integration

Napo from Togo

Who is civic integration intended for?

Civic integration is intended for foreigners who come to reside in Flanders or Brussels. The target group of civic integration also includes certain Belgians of foreign origin.

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Starterskit for family migrants

With this starterskit, family migrants can get to know their new surroundings.

website migreren.inburgering.be


Click here to see the integration programme taken by Jia Li and Khalit

What does a civic integration programme imply?

A civic integration programme consists of:

  • a basic Dutch course
  • an introduction to the Flemish and Belgian society
  • coaching in the search of employment or studies, and towards the provision in terms of culture and leisure activities
  •  personal guidance.

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